Key things Parents should check before choosing a hostel or pg in Kota.

1.      Visit at-least 4 hostels/pgs before finalizing one.

2.      Go to the coaching at least 2-3 times as your child will go by walk or by auto.

3.      Talk to past students of hostel/pg. Ask the owner/manager of their mobile numbers and talk to them directly.

4.      Talk to already residing students and know about the general environment of hostel/pg and coaching (obviously not in presence of owner/manager.        

5.      Check whether 24*7 Power Backup is there or not?

6.      Check RO water availability

7.      Check the quality of Laundry

8.      Ask about the room cleaning staff and no. of days room will be cleaned in a week.

9.      Who will be point of contact in medical emergency?

10.  Ask about the mode of payment & receipts.

11.  Ask about the security refund policy in case of leaving hostel in midterm. Take it in written from Hostel/Pg.

12.  Take breakfast, lunch & dinner for complete day.

13.  Ask about food menu & timings.

14.  Ask whether mess has government food license.

15.  Check in house-kitchen cleanliness & hygiene.

16.  Ask mess monthly rent exclusive of total room rent.

17.  Ask whether food will be available on festive days like diwali, holi etc.

18.  Check whether CCTV is there or not.

19.  Check whether in-out attendance register is properly maintained or not.

20.  Check whether biometric attendance or night manual attendance is done or not.

21.  Ensure female warden in girl’s hostel

22.  Ensure whether male entry is strictly prohibited in girl’s hostel.

23.  Ensure good working condition of all electronics and furniture.

24.  Check whether ventilation inside room is proper or not.

25.  Check whether meter reading is accurate or not.